1. Can I have the exact location of Quality HOTEL?

Yes, it is lacated at the Kuala Lumpur city centre and adjacent to Pertama Kompleks along Jalan Raja Laut.

Or you can use this link for navigation.

2. Can I get more information pertaining to the modules?

Yes, but in order to get it, you have to register in the first place. If you were to be accepted, the details will be sent over through emails which will guide you the steps. Due to some reason, we are unable publish it on these open web.

3. Is there any other payment other than stated on the web?

No. There is no hidden charges that will charged in the future. The fee published on the web include: 
a) Training fee.
b) Food and beverage throughout the session.
c) QR coded certificates.
d) Complete handout.
e) 3 ebooks from KerjayaPramugari.com
f) Aircraft model as a token of appreciations.
g) Single web page to store trainees information and biodata for airlines reference.
h) Official Supporting Letter from KerjayaPramugari.com

4. What is QR code is all about?

QR refer to a code that will link the scanner to specific data and informations. It also act as a secure medium to verify the originality and to prevent clonning.

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