1. What is the understanding of Meet Trending Lifestyle?

We have an experience in giving informations in various method for Airlines Cabin Crew intake since 2011. One of the point that reflected on our trainees reins is time. One true fact about the specialty of SkyTalk X is, the freshness, the objectives, the relevancy and the simplicity was build by the team of experience coaches. It is solely intended to help candidates during the day of event, the interview. Unfortunately, the details is a bit privacy. We will sent it over if you were among the selected.

2. Is there a job guaranty if I choose SkyTalk X?

Honestly, nope. In fact there is no guaranty given from any  training center pertaining to that. Simply because no Airlines appointed any party to do the selections on their behalf. EVERYONE WILL UNDERGO THE INTERVIEW PROCESSES. The training center approach is only an attempt to equipped candidates with specified knowledge, what so called, modules. At the end, it's all up to the candidates on applying the knowledge on the interview day. Therefor, be more vigilant on running any advertisement from any party.

3. Who is the coaches for SkyTalk X?

Every coach they themselves had a minimum of 19 years experience in their field, it's not just a skill. Anyway the details of them will be presented for those who selected to attend SkyTalk X.

4. What is so called the element of Metaphysics?

Metaphysics stand for 'behind the physical'. The things that we normally cannot see. What we at SkyTalk X can say is, there is something lies behind the physical to attract a comprehensions understanding. This is what makes SkyTalk X special compared to other approaches.

5. What is the origin of SkyTalk X?

It's all started since the first ebook published somewhere 2011, it's then upgraded to SkyTalk modules. Based on the feedback and the effort for almost two years, the management has decided to re-upgrade the SkyTalk to SkyTalk X.

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